Creepy Little Death Poems

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creepy little death poems

From making cookies with Death to creating a shared Pinterest board, Tiffany Tang brings humor and absurdity to her conversations with this dark, and apparently misunderstood, figure of the afterlife in her first collection of poetry, cleverly illustrated by Lizzie Silverman. Originally created to cope with the onslaught of depression and then developed on a dare during National Poetry Month, these “creepy little death poems” are a testament to the transformative potential of writing, laughter and binge baking.

tiffany-tangAbout Author: Tiffany Tang is a writer and an actor residing in San Diego, California. She is a contributor to the San Diego Union-Tribune and the behind-the-scenes blog writer for Intrepid Shakespeare Company. More of her personal musings on writing can be found at


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48 pages
Publisher: Dreality Press -February 14, 2014
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0615961568


By Lorelei  // customer
“Wow, such a fun yet deep read. The narratives are just wonderful, everyday adventures into humanity with a being who will never cease to exist. Mrs.tang paints a friendship that saves her from taking her own life too seriously, while still tackling important issues while baking cookies with death. Highly recommended”

By Amazon Customer (westport, ct United States) // customer
“Do you think it’s weird to read a book of death poems? Ok, I get that. But this book is so much more…. It takes a tongue-and-cheek view of death personified. For me, the representation of death became a metaphor for anything that haunts us- sorrow, self-criticism, worry- those thoughts that hound us so much that they become our companions. One of the take-aways from this book is encouragement. Understanding that as big and looming as these things we ruminate over can seem, they really are separate and finite. With humor, irony, and levity the poems show us how these things can be quite manageable.
The illustrations are simple and perfectly enhance the mood of the book. They made me laugh.”

By David Krieger “Aghrivaine” (Venice, CA) // customer
“My grandfather, in the hospital for congenital heart failure, pneumonia, and cancer all at once, told me that the days were okay, but by night, “the long dark night of the soul” felt endless. He filled those hours with frank conversations with Death, whose visit seemed imminent. They must have been fruitful conversations, because Death didn’t finally visit for another couple of years.

My grandfather must have been armed with some of the wisdom and wit contained in this book, because Miss Tang seems intimately comfortable with her partner in palaver. These poems are strictly conversational, but underneath the breezy banter are the profound and terrifying truths we all struggle with. Who will we love, and will they love us? Why are we here, and what part of this existence is true? Why is the universe tending to an ever-greater state of entropy? Death has plenty of answers for Miss Tang.

Death has an answer for everyone, eventually. Why not get a preview, and put him off for a little while, like my Grandpa?”