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baby boy phoenix

Baby Boy Phoenix

Baby Boy Phoenix; A Take of Rescue, Love, and Second Chances” is a story about a rescue dog and his miraculous story out of the ashes of a terrible life and into the arms of love.

Phoenix was rescued by Leave No Paws Behind on June 6, 2013. He was starving and covered in mats and his fur was full of maggots that were eating away at the bones in his leg through a wound on his foot. LNPB took him to East Valley Veterinary Clinic, where he received the best medical care possible. A month later they found him a forever home with Jenny Karns… He has truly risen from the ashes and his contagious love and joy is an inspiration to everyone he meets.


Author: Jenny Karns is Phoenix’s forever mom. She is the CEO and founder of a thriving Los Angeles based wellness business, Body Temple Healing. She is also the creator of the smash hit online teaching program, Remembering Our Magic, where she has helped thousands heal what holds them back in order to live the life of their dreams. She is a speaker, healer, teacher, and author and the proud mother to a 15 year old Lhasa Apso named Chester, as well as our beloved Baby Boy Phoenix.

creepy little death poems pic

creepy little death poems

From making cookies with Death to creating a shared Pinterest board, Tiffany Tang brings humor and absurdity to her conversations with this dark, and apparently misunderstood, figure of the afterlife in her first collection of poetry, cleverly illustrated by Lizzie Silverman. Originally created to cope with the onslaught of depression and then developed on a dare during National Poetry Month, these “creepy little death poems” are a testament to the transformative potential of writing, laughter and binge baking.


About Author: Tiffany Tang is a writer and an actor residing in San Diego, California. She is a contributor to the San Diego Union-Tribune and the behind-the-scenes blog writer for Intrepid Shakespeare Company. More of her personal musings on writing can be found at